So Life Adventures is a team of photographers, brand developers, and educators who feel called to share what they've learned. Join the community!
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About Us

April, Trish, and Ron

Who We Are…

You may be be looking around here thinking, what in the heck is So Life Adventures? Are they photographers? Educators? Brand developers? Most importantly, will they shoot my wedding? The answer to all of those questions is YES. Allow us to explain.


We believe the three of us were brought together by something much bigger than ourselves. Being completely honest, we could not be more different people. The three of us have spent years sorting out those differences… each bringing our gifts, sharpening our creativity, and opening our minds to what a photography business could look like with THREE people. Can you imagine? At times it was a little difficult. After finally getting on the road to where we wanted to be, we realized that, at the core, we wanted so much to serve our community. We have no desire to hang onto the knowledge we have acquired over the years. It hasn’t been without sacrifice and frustration that we’ve learned things like how to do business legally, how to process images with “our look”, how to be consistent in our brand, how to interact with our clients, and how to streamline our workflow from the point of contact to the finished product.


Finally, a light went off! Our business, So Life Studios, has become an adventure. All of the little details we’ve learned, we are called to give away. Now, So Life Adventures will serve as a source for a community of photographers without ego who want to learn, share, and be a part of something bigger than themselves.


Join the community!


Inspire + Be Inspired,

April, Trish, and Ron

Trisha LaCoste
Photographer, Marketing Director, Chick Who Answers Phone Calls and Emails
April Loyle
Photographer, Creative Director, Visual Aesthetics (She makes us look good.)
Ron Wainscott
Photographer, Web Guru, Business Dude Extraordinaire